Business Card Laminating

Business Card Laminating

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Custom Laminating understands the importance of creating a good first impression when you hand someone your business card. We specialize in business card laminating.

These are some reasons why it’s good to laminate your business cards:

Durability - Your business cards will last longer when they are laminated

Sleek Look - They will have a sophisticated, expensive look and feel

You can choose from some of the variables we offer:

Trim - You can select Standard or Sealed (a 1/8 in. film border goes around the edge of the paper) or Flush (the film stops at the edge of the paper).

Film Thickness - Choose either 1.5 ml – adds gloss and protects the paper but makes it very flexible; 3.0 ml – less rigid and thinner than a business card; 10.0 ml – rigid and thick as a credit card

Film Finish - Common low cost film with a clear shine; Matte Finish – higher priced film with a glare free, low-gloss finish

Aside from business card laminating, at Custom Laminating we laminate luggage tags, book covers, posters, counter cards and easel backs, presentation folders, bookmarks, maps, menus, catalog sheets, mementos, instruction sheets and more!

Although most of our laminating jobs are double sided, single sided lamination is available for special jobs. Let us know about your special project and we will accommodate you.

At Custom Laminating, only the quality of our work takes precedence over you, our customer! Our goal is to present you with the top-quality laminating job that you deserve so that you will continue to bring your business to us. For top quality business card laminating, call Custom Laminating in Orange County today!